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What to expect during your massage

What to expect!

Your massage experience begins with doing paperwork. This allows us to better know you and what your daily activities are. Massage therapists are kind of like detectives, in a way. We have to figure out what is bothering you and why it is occurring. Any information that you can provide us with is going to help in the long run.

Each of our massage sessions are individually tailored to your needs. Those may change from session to session or you may have stubborn problem areas that you wish for us to work on each time. It is your massage, we are here to oblige.


There are different releases that we can utilize to get the maximum results for your massage. Not all of the releases are comfortable, but they are usually effective. Some different issues that our releases are used for are as follows;

*numbness and tingling in the arms and hands

*sciatic nerve pain (with and without numbness and tingling)

*one leg shorter than the other


These are just to name a few. We have a number techniques we can utilize to find the best fit for your massage.

Each of our massage sessions are done on a heated table with heated lotion. The client is fully covered the entire session with sheets. We do drape the area that is being worked on, but other wise you will be covered. Some people are more modest and prefer wearing swimming suits/shorts during the massage and that is perfectly fine. Most people undress to their underwear. What ever you are comfortable with is what is best.

The lotion that we use is hypoallergenic with no scent. It is water based so it doesn't usually stain any clothing like oils sometimes do.

We start your massage by giving you three levels of pressure. You tell us which level you would like us to use. One is the lightest and three is the heaviest, aka, deep tissue massage. You want the pressure to be enough that you feel it, but not so much that you are tensing up the entire massage. From then on the massage is unique to your needs. . 

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